Small game I developed for's Mini Jam 108: Seaside.

Believe it or not this is the first game I've ever completed & built.  Furthermore, this is the first time I've entered a game jam.  Everything here was 100% created from scratch EXCEPT the Audio, which I had in an asset pack.

That said, I have been a programmer for ~10 years & been experimenting w/ Unity for as long, I just never made a game you could actually play, hence me entering a Jam to force my hand :P.


Fly around with the arrow keys or WASD.  Note that the flying mechanic is relative acceleration and steering, not an absolute translation.

Run your seagull into fish when fisherman catch them to pick them up.

Fly back to your nest and try to drop your catch on your nest with spacebar.  Catch enough fish to finish a level.

If you drop a fish and it misses your nest, it's a goner, they can't be picked back up once they've been dropped.  Find a fisherman with a new catch!


Download 72 MB
Download 72 MB
Download 80 MB


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nice arcade

Random notes:

* I mentioned this elsewhere in the comments, but the movement was supposed to be a lot more weighty / gravity based for more fun.

* I'm realizing as I play other peoples games (and thus learning it about my own) that I should have made it so that the user never has to touch the mouse.  e.g. menu movement via arrow keys/wasd w/ right to continue or something, etc.  Makes it so you can get in the groove better.

* There's really not enough time to do anything.  I think next time I'd just spend all my time on the mechanic (in this case weighty flying) & then maybe try to backfill a game...